1 – All Shapes and Sizes Fit for Any Bathroom

Bathroom Vanity Units come in a vast range of different shapes and sizes, so whether you have plenty of room to play with or your bathroom is relatively small; you'll surely be able to find the right fit for your home.

Corner vanity units for example, are a great way of utilising what little space you do have. And you could even go as far as to opt for wall mounted vanity units too, if floor space is finite.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, there are plenty of double vanity units which allows a 'his & hers' set up for a more luxurious 5-star hotel vibe.

Ultimately, there are many shapes, sizes and designs for you to chose from and each will be able to offer something different, presenting you with endless customisation.

2 – Affording You Ample Storage Solutions

One thing that always seems to be in short supply, whether your bathroom is big or small, is storage space.

You often find yourself having to fight through a mountain of clutter just to get to the sink in the morning.

One of the major benefits for having Bathroom Vanity Units installed is the storage space that they provide. Again, this can be adopted in a number of ways; either through Wall or Corner Mounted Vanity Units, Vanity Unit / Wash Basin combo's and much, much more.

A clutter-free bathroom is attainable, and the benefits of having such are too good to ignore. It helps to clear your mind in the morning, the bathroom will invariable look and feel bigger, and it is much easier to keep things organised.

If you go one step further and opt for a 'his & hers' Double Vanity Unit, then your Wife can use your side as well.

Everyone's a winner!

3 – Your Style, Your Way

Variety really is the spice of life! And there are thousands of different styles and designs for you to chose from when searching for the perfect Vanity Unit for your Bathroom.

You may be starting an entirely fresh bathroom renovation and are looking for ideas on how to furnish your bathroom. You may not have even thought of a colour scheme or style yet, though can find inspiration via the countless Vanity Units available.

Start a wish-list and come up with a couple of different combinations that you feel satisfied with.

Then go with your gut and start building your dream bathroom!

4 – An Easy Way to Update Your Bathroom

Something as simple as a lick of paint, and replacing your old basin with a Vanity Unit/Wash Basin combo can really transform your bathroom from dated to modern in no time at all.

There are many online bathroom stores that sell items of furniture which require little to no assembly at all. This is ideal for those of you who aren't to great when it comes to DIY.

It may be worth hiring the help of a plumber if you're not too confident with turning off the water supply and re-fitting your new Wash Basin. A bad paint job is easy enough to rectify, though water-sodden floorboards is a different story entirely.

5 – Collection, Perfection

Very rarely will you find a Bathroom Vanity unit that isn't part of a collection, which is ideal for keeping your bathroom looking uniformed and coordinated. If you're opting for a new Vanity Unit and Wash Basin combination, then why not complete the look with a wall mounted Mirror Cabinet as well?