Choosing the right bathroom vanity light fixtures will transform an interior space providing a pleasing atmosphere and enough illumination to make the room functional.

Bathroom vanity lights can be the main source of illumination for a smaller space.

In a large room, they may serve only to illuminate the area around the mirror to make it easier to see while putting on makeup, shaving or styling the hair.

Lighting around the vanity area must be bright enough to see clearly without putting out a lot of glare that is harsh on the eyes.

Bathroom vanity lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles to suit any purpose.

Proper placement of vanity lighting is crucial. If the fixture is located right above the vanity, it can cause glare that makes it difficult to see. Raising it up higher can solve this problem.

If the fixture is placed too far away, the light will be too dim. Homeowners can experiment with different locations until they find just the right spot.

Homeowners will find a variety of vanity light styles.

A simple vanity strip features a series of bulbs in a row with glass globe covers similar to those associated with a movie star's dressing room. Strip lights are sold in models with a black, chrome, bronze or stainless steel base. Decorator bulbs offer an alternative to incandescent lights but they provide a lower level of illumination and may add color to light to create a different mood and visual effect.

There are many elegant choices for homeowners who want something more interesting than a strip of bulbs.

Recessed lights and wall sconces are two examples of alternative lighting options. The fixtures must complement the vanity design and be the right size for it to work. The fixtures should not be so big they overpower the vanity. At the same time, they should be big enough to provide balance to the room while providing enough light for the space.

Vanity lighting plays a unique role in illuminating a bathroom.

Most conventional lighting is enhanced with other light fixtures in the room. In the bathroom, the vanity lighting will often be the main source of illumination for the entire room while at the same time concentrating light in the immediate vicinity of the vanity.

Consumers can find many suitable options that will balance out their lighting needs while enhancing the interior decor of any bathroom.