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Sparkular machine price

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to have safe sparks emitting machines without any dangers of environmental degradation, dangers of gunpowder and has even reduced risks of indoor accidents. Besides this, these machines are available at an affordable price. Best known as sparkular machines, they are here to make a difference!

This is said to be the first cold spark fountain display machine which is available with a totally new control system. This is developed by Showven and distributed widely by Sparktacular distribution inc. Showven technology is now a famous name, due to this Sparkular machine which is known for its brand name Sparktacular or Sparkular. Ever since the launch of this machine, it has been used in Presidential campaigns and also during the 2016 American Music awards.

Check out the Sparkular fall, Sparkular mini and Showven Sparkular machine which is now available for rent as well.


Showven sparkular machine – An Overview

Showven sparkular machine is also known as the cold fireworks or the cold spark machine. Users are assured that the machine is totally safe for indoor and outdoor use, unlike the traditional machine. The audience and user safety are completely assured, as the fireworks emitted cause no explosion.

The powder consists of Zirconium, Magnesium and Titanium Titanium and is blown out the sparkular heating element fan. It gets heated and creates a lighting along with a spark till it burns it, as it flies upwards.

This is a highly sophisticated machine with intelligent digitalization. It is completely safe, easy to use, is about low consumption, is environment friendly, emits very low smoke, there is no pyro smell and includes a fountain which has an ability to shoot at an interval of 90 seconds. The height is adjustable from 1-5m, it can run up to 54 unites and has an effective adjustable fountain density.

The best part is that, in spite of its several functionalities, this sparkular machine price is quite affordable.

Cold Spark Machine – Uses

With its convenient sparkular machine price and great performance, it is a favorite amongst the production companies, DJs, different event planners, special effects companies, film and hotel companies and in many special events which include –

  • Live Performances and Concerts –

This is usually used in the front section on stage, during the different concerts. It helps in creating brilliant fireworks and also in hyping the audience. Showven sparkular is the best way to have the audience involved during different live concerts and during performance by various artists which creates sparks. Today, dancers as well as DJs, have shown keen interest in the machines which bring in special effects, especially in the night clubs.

  • Films and Movies

The highly functional Sparkular machine helps in creating some stunning special effects. It can help in creating sparks during plays and also creates some dazzling sparks from rockets.

  • Social Events

If you wish to add a special touch during weddings or in parties, this Sparkular machine is going to help you. Use the machine to create a stunning ambience or just in making a grand entrance.

  • Marketing Events

Companies which are launching or showcasing a new product often prefer the use of a cold fireworks machine. The machine is highly popular in the automobile industry.

The Sparkular – Price

The price of sparkular machine is based on the machine as a whole or on its different components.

Here are some such details:

The sparkular system is about 6-BT002 sparkular units. It includes 1 key power cord, 5 extension power-con cords, DMX cables1-30M,5-6M, 6-200 gr granules which is about 10minutes shoot time, 1-ZK6200 controller, a road case along with a USB instruction. The entire machine is highly affordable and costs just $18,600.

The sparkular machine for sale and the sparkular machine for rental are available with the MSDS sheet, which contains more information related to the product, for overall guidance.

Here is a break-down of the sparkular machine price for better understanding:


  1. The individual BT02 Sparkular unit is available for $2,661.
  2. The standard ZK6200 controller is available for $2,634
  3. The Pro-Controller which controls 54 units can be bought for $6,000.
  4. An empty 6 unit road case is sold at $600.
  5. Power-con Extension cables 6M available at $36
  6. DMX cables have their prices based on their length. These play an important role in determining the intensity and height of the sparks. They also control the units of the machine.
  7. Sparkular granules 12 Gram pouches 10 minutes, are usually available in 12 to a box or 12 boxes to a case available at $80
  8. The sparkular granules case price sells at $9,792.

There are a few extra costs on the sparkular machine. This includes expenses related to permits, insurance, labour, shipping and travelling. This cold spark machine is often compared to the machine offered by CryoFX, best known as the iSparkFX Cold Spark Machine. It is available at a much lesser price.


The sparkular for sale or Sparkular for rent is definitely worth it. Users are guaranteed complete convenience and safety with the use of the machine. The machine helps in creating some great memories in special events and concerts. The audience is completely entertained. The events are completely memorable.


Purchase sparkular right away if you really wish to create happy memories which will last for your life.


No matter, whether  you choose to buy sparkular for sale or sparkular for rent, the sparkular machine price, offered by its manufacturer Sparktacular, is definitely worth it.