Improve your bathroom with a makeover by replacing a bathroom vanity.

It's about time you should change your out-of-service and old looking vanity. If you find it difficult to install, here are some guidelines to help you with your task.


1. Put a bucket under the sink to prevent water drips and from flooding the floor.

2. Make sure to cut the water supply and disconnect the valve under the sink. An alternative is to turn off the main water valve.

3. Remove the countertop by using a utility knife to loosen the caulk. This is found between the wall and the vanity.

4. Make sure to handle the knife with care. If not, you may damage the wallpaper or possibly cut yourself.

5. Loosen and take out the screws that are holding the vanity to the wall. Use a screwdriver to make it easier. After which, remove the countertop carefully.

Pull it slowly to prevent the wall from being damage. If you cannot handle the job by yourself, it is best to ask help for somebody.

6. Determine the dimensions of your new vanity and mark the area where you will position it. Use a level to make it balanced when attached to the wall.

Once everything is set, screw your new vanity into the wall. Use wall studs to secure the screws and to make it stable.

7. Attach the countertop with the vanity by applying caulk.

8. Reconnect the water pipes and test it. Turn on the water and see if there are leaks.

Use a Teflon tape to seal the water lines and make it tight.

9. Apply a strip of caulk around all the countertop edges.

Replacing a bathroom vanity can be a simple and easy task. This is true, provided if you know the proper way of doing it.

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